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Picky Bars Performance Oatmeal Review

This High-Protein Post-Workout Breakfast Is Perfect For All the Lazy People Out There

I'm a morning person who's up at 5 a.m. every weekday. I start my strength training session by 5:45, then I hop into the sauna for a few minutes before showering and heading to the office. As you can probably guess, I don't have much time to dilly-dally in the a.m. — or make myself a big breakfast.

I used to try to remedy this by making myself overnight oats, but this proved to be a pain in the ass if I'm being honest. I hated having to pull out all the ingredients right before going to bed, measuring them all out and following the recipe on my phone. So I tried several different kinds of premade overnight oats, which was much easier to me, since all I had to do was add milk and put it in the fridge. However, I really didn't like how almost all of these varieties were packed with crap like refined sugar and artificial ingredients. They all just tasted like sickly sweet plastic to me, and I was hungry only an hour later.

That's why Picky Bars Performance Oatmeal has been a huge game changer for me. Created by professional athletes for athletes, this oatmeal ($3) is packed with 10 grams of protein and is USDA-certified gluten-free, organic, and vegan. You won't find any weird sh*t lurking around in this oatmeal — just wholesome ingredients like rolled oats, dates, chia seeds, almond, and cacao powder.

There are three different flavors, each of them more delicious than the last: Can't Beet Chocolate, How 'Bout Dem Apples, and Game, Set, Matcha! It's hard to say which is my favorite, but if I had to choose, it would be Can't Beet Chocolate. It has the perfect touch of natural sweetness without being overpowering. Besides, what morning is complete without a little chocolate?

Each serving is between 310 and 325 calories, and the best part is this oatmeal keeps me full all the way until lunch. I also love that this breakfast takes fewer than 60 seconds to prepare. Because all the ingredients are already in the packet, I just pour in one cup of almond milk, stick it in the fridge, and grab it on my way out the door. It gives me all the fuel I need after a sweaty weightlifting session. My mornings just got a whole lot better!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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