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Jake G Stands Up to Cancer, and 9 Ways You Can Too

Leaving an LA gym on Saturday, Jake Gyllenhaal sported a Stand Up to Cancer hoodie over his workout attire. It's not the first time we've seen celebrities supporting the charity, but what can you do to fight cancer when it seems like risks are lurking everywhere we turn?

Today, the Environmental Working Group released its nine tips for shielding yourself from environmental cancer risks. Environmental toxins play a far more significant role than you may realize, according to a new report from the President's Cancer Panel. Luckily, you can make a few small changes to your home and lifestyle to reduce your exposure to cancer-causing toxins. For the EWG's nine tips,


  1. Filter your tap water.
  2. Seal outdoor wooden decks and play sets.
  3. Cut down on stain- and grease-proofing chemicals.
  4. Stay safe in the sun.
  5. Cut down on fatty meat and high-fat dairy products.
  6. Eat EWG's Clean 15.
  7. Cut your exposures to BPA.
  8. Avoid carcinogens in cosmetics.
  9. Read the warnings.

For more details on how to put these tips into action, check out the EWG's recommendations.

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