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Pilates or Boot Camps?

The American College of Sports Medicine recently released its predictions on the hottest fitness trends for next year. For the first time in three years, Pilates did not make the list. Fitness experts cite the expense as one of the reasons the popularity of Pilates is waning. The large and costly equipment, like the Reformer and the Cadillac (even the name sounds pricey), of Pilates drives the price up where boot camps, which use little or nor equipment, are more affordable. Then there is also the degree of difficulty; one gym owner told MSNBC that the learning curve on the mind-body exercise was too steep.

These days, I am a fan of both types of fitness. I have found that Pilates makes everything better, but I love the physical intensity of boot camps. I am curious which of these types of exercise you do more.

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NotABot NotABot 6 years
I'm a Pilates girl through and through. I have enough "small" equipment at home that my friends joke that I could start my own gym. :-) Bootcamp is too hard on the knees, and I don't like being yelled at.
LaineyBooth LaineyBooth 6 years
Pilates is definitely a lot more mind-intense than any other form of exercise I can think of. It requires a whole different mental attitude than people are used to approaching exercise with. Also, I think a lot of classes are labeled "pilates" when they're really just classes that incorporate principles loosely inspired by Pilates... so there's a lot of confusion about what Pilates is. I've been talking up Pilates to my sister for a long time. She lives in a different state. She finally took a class and reported back to me that she doesn't think Pilates is for her because she doesn't like working with those big Resist-A-Balls. Well, as far as I know Joseph Pilates never incorporated huge bouncy balls into his exercise method. O.K. I'm off on a tangent. Maybe I should just write just write a whole new post... Anyway, Pilates requires a more mind-intense approach than I think many gym-goers expect but the benefits are well worth it.
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