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Pilates and Yoga Hybrid Classes

Piyo, Piloga, Yogilates: Any Way You Spell It, They're a Perfect Mix of Yoga and PiIates

New to Pilates and yoga, but can't decide which class to take? Or maybe you love yoga and Pilates but can't squeeze both into your hectic schedule? These fitness dilemmas can easily be solved thanks to a new wave of Pilates- and yoga-fusion classes popping up all over the US. Reap the benefits from both practices in just one class. Wondering where to start? Here's a rundown of some yoga-Pilates combo classes.

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Created in 1997 by certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer Jonathan Urla, Yogilates includes no less than 40 poses, including leg lifts, back lifts, Sun Salutation, Downward Facing Dog, and meditation poses. Urla notes how Yogilates may feel like yoga in the beginning since it includes lots of pause with the poses, but toward the end — especially with the abdominal work — you will notice the Pilates because of the intensity. His class focuses on being present, breathing, moving, and enjoying the beauty of your practice.

Here are more hybrid classes to look out for in your city.

Invented by an Australian woman named Louise Solomon, Yogalates merges yoga and Pilates together to help you develop core strength, tone muscles, increase flexibility, and help reduce stress. This low-impact exercise class requires a mat, a towel for under your head, and a thera-band to provide resistance. If you're looking to tone up your abs, Yogalates really works at building strength through the torso.

Piyo is yoga and Pilates mixed with rhythmic music, as you move quite quickly through each sequences. Emphasis is placed on intense choreography that will increase your overall core strength and stability. Some of the classes are performed while seated, while others are done standing up. If you like more chill, meditative yoga classes, then I do not recommend Piyo, as it's a more upbeat and energetic class (the last class I went to, my teacher wore a headset and played loud dance music).

Piloga is the combination of Pilates and yoga designed to build strength and tone your muscles while improving flexibility and fostering mind and body harmony. Classes tend to start off with Pilates exercises, then move to yoga positions, and then finish with more Pilates movements. The most well-known Piloga position is the hammock as it strengthens your abs, buttocks, arms, chest and shoulders. Side twists are also a big part of Piloga yoga as they help to tone your oblique muscles.

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