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idawson idawson 6 years
Posterior aside ... the tennis bit is awesome. It is a great workout.
MarlaDurden MarlaDurden 6 years
"LOL, Can I see the fat american jealousy shinning threw here right now, " Oh really, Wowwie? I think it's high time you all step away form the bangers and mash. There's a difference between a healthy tush and a fat ass! LOL!!
lemonfluffable lemonfluffable 6 years
I thought Pippa looked great, but I wouldn't think her butt is as spectacular as everyone is making it out to be. It's nice, but I agree with a fellow poster, it's not like Beyonce's of J-Lo, or even Kim Kardashian's for that matter. But I suppose it's all in what you like!
TurkishPeach TurkishPeach 6 years
No offense, but there isn't anything so great about her ass....she is skinny and buttless... and to the person a couple posts of above me who made a comment about American's asses, I'd have to say we have better asses in general compared to you considering we have more gene variation and different peoples from all over the world mingling on our land. Nothing beats a curvy latin booty, round African ass, and sensuous Middle Eastern derrière.
MarlaDurden MarlaDurden 6 years
It's a skinny butt on a skinny person in a designer dress that enhances the little butt she has. The dress was fabulous and was really flattering, emphasizing curves that she only sort of has. I'm sure that butt in a regular pair of jeans is just another butt on someone who is still young enough and fit enough to not worry about their figure. This will change. It always does. Gone are the days when I could wolf down a big mack and large fries with a regular coke and not worry about putting an ounce on my 115 pound frame. Maintaining that look as the years go by will be a full time job. Didn't even know what a diet was until I hit 30. Pippa's butt would require way too much work and far too little chocolate brownie's for me to achieve. I'm good.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
She does have a cute figure
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
What's so great about it? It's trim, it's toned, it's perky, it's proportionate...I'd love a bum like hers. @Anon6: Really? Need you spew anti-American vile? This is a site called FITsugar, and I'm sure that most of the readers are just that - Fit, sugar!
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
She is assless. What's the fuss? She's not Beyonce or J. Lo, which I could understand!
Daneisha Daneisha 6 years
laurenislost laurenislost 6 years
I don't really get what is so fantastic about her ass
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