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A Pocket Guide of What to Buy Organic

An Organic Cheat Sheet That's Cute to Boot

I'm all about having a little help when I go shopping. I use my Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch pocket guide to know what fish at my market is sustainable. And since I can't afford to buy everything organic, I try to stay away from conventional produce that is high in pesticide contamination and choose their organic counterparts instead.

The Environmental Working Group came up with two lists to help shoppers know what to look for when buying produce. The "clean 15" is made up of conventional produce that's low in pesticides, and the "dirty dozen" are foods that you should always buy organic. Heidi Kennedy, who is behind the cute crafts blog My Paper Crane, turned these lists into the handy pocket guide seen here. I've already printed one out and laminated it so that I always have this guide on me whenever I might be shopping.

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