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Poll: Do You Ever Skip Meals?

Do You Ever Skip Meals?

When I was in college I would skip a meal (mainly breakfast) here and there to keep the pounds down. Now, I know that this was not an effective tactic as I was just putting my body into starvation mode, leading me to eat more at other times during the day. I never skip meals anymore, but I know a lot of folks still believe in this method in order to lose a few. What about you? Do you ever skip a meal because you don't want the calories?


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CanadianAlissa CanadianAlissa 7 years
i eat when i am hungry and drink lots of water. if i am not hungry, i don't eat. i don't have a schedule for eating.
rwashum88 rwashum88 8 years
I have breakfast and then I tend to ignor my food needs until dinner or later...the next day maybe. I know, I just slapped my wrist.
rebelkate rebelkate 8 years
Lack of work/life balance causes me to skip breakfast and lunch frequently. I have started making myself eat lunch though so I get away from my desk and actually walk around outside a little. Never miss dinner because I have to cook for the family as soon as I hit the door at night.
julieulie julieulie 8 years
I skip meals all the time... because I'm not hungry, never to try to lose weight. One of the medications I'm on has caused me to completely lose my appetite, and eating on a regular basis (even 3 normal meals a day) makes me feel sick... so I barely eat anymore. But it is absolutely NOT to try and lose weight.
tidesong tidesong 8 years
I've never skipped a meal on purpose. Even if I feel awful I force myself to eat up some veggies and fruits. The only times I skip meals are because I slept right through them.
camellia2 camellia2 8 years
No way--I definitely am a creature of habit, and I love my granola with soy milk in the morning way too much to skip breakfast. Plus, with a full school schedule and then going to the gym and yoga, I wouldn't have enough energy without meals. I wish more women knew that skipping meals only makes your body retain calories (since it goes into the starvation mode fit mentioned). And there are lots of good meal options that aren't high-calorie and will still keep your metabolism running (salad with miso dressing, avocado and tofu is my current favorite!)
suz405 suz405 8 years
I usually end up skipping meals because im simply not hungry and i have that feeling of being really full!
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
I eat such filling fibrous foods I'm full all the time...I couldn't care less about eating. I have to make myself eat, and it's like bananas and apples, nothing I have to prepare. I cook dinner for the kids though. For me to go out to eat it's stressful cause it's such pomp and circumstance and I'm like whatever...just bring me some tender broccoli and grilled salmon or chicken breast.
digibron digibron 8 years
I don't skip meals to lose weight, but sometimes I eat out for lunch on Fridays at work and that seems to keep me going for most of the rest of the day, so I might not have dinner. (Just fruit for dessert later on or something.)
yadiet yadiet 8 years
on the weekends i eat less. I find that soo weird. While at work or when I get home I look for comfort food. Sucks. i need to lock my cabinets and give the keys to my hubby so i know the cabinets will be locked till 7 hahaha
Halie Halie 8 years
I exercise too much to skip meals. I do 40 minutes of cardio at the gym before breakfast and then for another 30 to 40 minute cardio/weight training workout before lunch. I start to see stars if I don't eat.
Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 8 years
I never skip a meal to avoid calories. I don't eat a lot (I'm not anorexic or bulimic or unhappy with my body) so that is how I stay skinny. I only eat once a day and it usually isn't good or healthy food. On weekends and holidays and weeks off from school I eat a lot though.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Sometimes at work when it's REALLY busy, I skip my lunch break and just don't eat. I know it's probably not a good idea, but sometimes there just isn't time for it. I don't make up for it by eating extra later on or anything though.
myystque myystque 8 years
I love my meals a lot so it's very rare when I do skip a meal. Usually, it's the result of not having enough time or, more often, when I eat too much for breakfast and then skip lunch because I'm not hungry. haha. I usually cut back on my sweets if I'm particularly concerned about weight. I also try to make lunch the large meal and dinner fairly light, like a salad.
flutetastic flutetastic 8 years
I rarely if ever eat a full dinner, unless you cound a light frappuccino as dinner. I don't like going to bed full, and as a result, I have a good appetite for breakfast.
msnaley msnaley 8 years
Honestly, I do. I would have breakfast, lunch, then skip dinner. I have a flexible job where I can start when I want. So I have lunch a little later around 1 pm. Later if I get hungry, I snack on a grain bar. It's helped with my maintaining food.
seven7 seven7 8 years
Sort of. If I have a huge breakfast on weekends (and I'm talking HUGE), I will skip lunch, because I don't get hungry, but have dinner earlier. I'll still have a snack in between sometimes. Mostly I believe in breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks in between.
anna_muffin anna_muffin 8 years
I don't skip meals, but when I don't feel like eating, I'll just have something small, like a fruit or a smoothie.
Antioxidant Antioxidant 8 years
Nope, I never skip a meal. Sometimes when I'm at work, they schedule lunch soo many hours (think 6.5) since I ate breakfast. It feels like I've skipped a meal, but of course I end up eating it... just way too late for my liking.
Hootie Hootie 8 years
Yep, all the time. When I'm stressed or super busy I can't eat. :shrug: I try to keep meal replacement bars around.
gabiushka gabiushka 8 years
Yes breakfast sometimes for lack of time, and dinner sometimes too because I still cant adapt to eating a full meal at night, it just isn't the main meal where I grew up.
mtiger mtiger 8 years
I never skip meals...I eat at least 4 times a day!
kristine2527 kristine2527 8 years
yes,i skip some meals,but it's usually only breakfast when there isn't no time to eat or i don't have appetite.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
I don't skip meals but I usually have one snack instead of 2 because I don't feel like I need more than 1.
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
No , I get to cranky if I skip a meal.
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