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Poll on Personal Trainer Gaining Weight to Better Understand Clients

Trainer Gains Weight to Better Understand Clients: Cool or Not?

There are plenty of personal trainers who didn't always live healthy lives and worked hard to shed a bunch weight to reveal inspiring physiques. When someone is overweight and working out with a trainer, it can be motivating to know the person playing boss has been there before. But a trainer/former underwear model who becomes overweight by choice, just to lose the weight once he's hit his goal weight? This is something new.

Typically weighing in at a muscular 180 pounds, Australian personal trainer Paul "PJ" James is halfway to his goal weight of 265 pounds in an effort to better understand his overweight clients. He intends on living with his new body for a few months, and come Summer he'll encourage his clients to lose weight together. James hopes to gain insight into why some of his clients skip sessions or are unmotivated to work out.

The difference between James and his clients is that he is gaining weight by choice, while many people at an unhealthy weight have not exactly chosen their bodies. He's loading up on doughnuts, fried chocolate bars, pizza, and pasta with creamy sauces, but many overweight individuals eat because of emotional issues and the food serves as a source of comfort.

What do you think of this little experiment, is it cool or not?


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