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Poll: Sarah Marshall Marketing and Fat Jeans

Sarah Marshall Marketing and Fat Jeans Comment: Cool or Not?

I know viral marketing is the bomb these days, and the marketing for Forgetting Sarah Marshall is all over the place here in SF. On top of cabs, at bus stops, and billboards. While it all seems kind of clever I, for one, was really turned off by the one that reads "You do look fat in those jeans Sarah Marshall." It just seemed like Jr. High all over again.

If this is how the jilted lover is seeking revenge for being dumped, I think he deserves to be dumped. It just seems like one more media reference for women's bodies to be equated with their character. It also makes me think of the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week campaign "Be comfortable in your genes." Plus, who hasn't felt fat in their jeans, both men and women, and who wants to be reminded of that at every BART stop.

Maybe I am being overly sensitive, or maybe I am easily annoyed by media campaigns the promote bad body image. How about you? Do you think this ad is cute, clever, cool, or not?

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