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Poll of Winter Olympic Sports

Which Olympic Sport Are You Most Excited to See?

I know, I know. I can't shut up about the Winter Olympics. But with the Vancouver games only two days away, can you blame me? Highlights and popular events will be shown during the evening, but I want to make sure I DVR events that won't make it onto primetime. I've been studying the schedule of the two-week competition to map out my viewing and recording times. Can we say OOCD (Olympic Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

This year I am most excited to see the snowboarding events. Team USA always shreds this competition, and with athletes like Gretchen Bleiler, Shaun White, Kelly Clark, and Hannah Teter reppin' us, I definitely see lots of gold coming our way. How about you — which event are you most excited to see?

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joanna-shue joanna-shue 7 years
I totally love skeleton!!! I tried it once in Lake Placid and now i'm in love with it. If I have another chance to do it, I'll ask them to push me faster!
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 7 years
I am kindof embarrassed- I only know what about half of these sports are!
Frida83 Frida83 7 years
Hockey obviously! Sweden is going for gold =)
POPSUGAR-Celebrity-UK POPSUGAR-Celebrity-UK 7 years
Love figure skating!
insanitypepper insanitypepper 7 years
I'm not at all interested in watching any of these, but I picked skeleton just for the name.
mek123 mek123 7 years
Snowboarding and figure skating
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
figure skating and hockey!!! i do like watching the skiing and snowboarding as well :)
thatgirljj thatgirljj 7 years
I love the olympics, and I'm excited about a lot of the sports (freestyle skiing, figure skating, short track speedskating), but the one thing I can't get enough of is curling!!! Gotta love it!
genipher85 genipher85 7 years
Short Track Speed skating. Not only is it intense and quick unlike it's long track conterpart, I also get to ogle at my honey, Apollo Anton Ohno!!!!!!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
skiing (all the events) and i'm sure i'll be watching lots of hockey with my bf
EmilieLove EmilieLove 7 years
Figure skating!!! This is the first time EVER that North America has a chance at sweeping the podium for ice dancing, and the men's competition is going to be awesome (not the mention the fact that Evan Lysacek is really cute...).
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 7 years
I was really torn between figure skating, skiing, and snowboarding. I love the tricks/jumps! Mostly because I can't imagine myself ever doing anything like that. It seems amazing/magical!
syako syako 7 years
I like snowboarding. But last year when we were in Lake Placid, my husband and I went bobsledding and it was so much fun!!! It was an amazing experience. So maybe this year we'll watch the event. :)
benheld benheld 7 years
I love the biathalon!! It's so intense, and who the heck came up with the idea of shooting and skiing?!? Really, it is a fun competition. I also like aerial skiing--beautiful and scary at the same time.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
figure skating. but i agree, to me not just winter but all Olympic games are pretty boring. Don't tell my boyfriend...
fleurfairy fleurfairy 7 years
Figure skating and ice dancing. But I'm always excited for hockey. Sid the Kid!
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