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Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic Uniforms: Cool or Not?

It seems that everyone is gearing up for the Olympics this August, some more than others.

My pal geeksugar found a first look at the new Olympic uniforms on Towleroad and I just had to share them with you. As you can probably tell, Polo Ralph Lauren has designed the official U.S. Olympic Team uniforms (for athletes to wear during the Opening and Closing ceremonies as well as "village wear" during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing) and I'm not sure how I feel about them. They just don't scream American athlete to me. Of course I'm dying to know what you guys think about the new uniforms, so cast your vote below.

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alethia037 alethia037 8 years
Evidently America = Preppy.
mhclaxton mhclaxton 9 years
Hey, I like it. It's different. With everyone else in the world obsessed with hip-hop culture, bling, and baggy 'gangster' clothes, this style is professional and classic.
moxierain moxierain 9 years
These look dorky. They just do.
anon321 anon321 9 years
way too preppy
Blue24 Blue24 9 years
Totally not cool! Ugh!
dtinah dtinah 9 years
Looks like their were stolen off the set of Sixteen Candles. Can someone say 1984?
Jenny86 Jenny86 9 years
I don't think they're bad!
scullylam scullylam 9 years
it screams tennis to me, not american fashion. and yeah, the polo logo is too big but i also don't like the usa logo. and why is it all white? i wouldn't want to wear white in the olympic village. think of how easy the athletes are a target of running jokes from the other countries. *giggles* ralph lauren should have put more thought into this then rehashing what he already has made.
redheath redheath 9 years
I really like them. Clean, crisp and very Red/White and Blue without being a geek about it. China is very conservative so I think this was a good safe choice. Design wise, it's very Ralph Lauren and could pretty much pass for his normal line. Def no risk.
GinaSnyder GinaSnyder 9 years
Ralph Lauren is my drug of choice -- I'm obsessed!!! They better be wearing deck shoes, too! :)
skigurl skigurl 9 years
they're very logo-ful, and look more stuffy british than cool american
sayjay23 sayjay23 9 years
Ha- I actually like them... I am ultra Preppy though... if only Lilly made matching girls tennis skirts ;)
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I just keep expecting one of them to pop his collar.
Kristinh1012 Kristinh1012 9 years
I had to stare at this picture. The guy on the left looked like his sweater was a childs sweater that fit him like a belly shirt. But then I realized it was stripes across the middle of it. HORRIBLE.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Sort-of like it. Although Michael Phelps would look hot in any item of clothing.
linds1019 linds1019 9 years
Nerd alert!
EmyJean EmyJean 9 years
UGH! Is this just a late April Fool's joke?
emalove emalove 9 years
These are terrible!
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Those are so dorky. I wouldn't wear them if I had a choice.
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
I like them - well at least the one with the polo shirt, but I'm preepy.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
JenBrett JenBrett 9 years
not liking the sweater w/ the belt on the left
marshmelo7 marshmelo7 9 years
from afar almost looks like the guy on the left is wearing two belts
carhornsinapril carhornsinapril 9 years
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