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Pop Quiz: From Stevie Nicks to Throat Cancer

It has been a busy Spring week here on FitSugar and we've covered a lot of ground — did you catch all the info? Take this short quiz and see.

If you feel like you need a little review, all the answers can be found in this week's posts. Good luck!


Pop Quiz: From Stevie Nicks to Throat Cancer

First it was peanuts, but which other nut is now being recalled by the FDA for salmonella contamination?

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greatscott200 greatscott200 8 years
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
Brooke_72 Brooke_72 8 years
scottnjoel scottnjoel 8 years
5/5 whoohoo!
delightfairy delightfairy 8 years
4/5 I got the caffein one wrong.
liciababe liciababe 8 years
i get caffeine making you faster but i have a hard time seeing it emproving your endurance since you crash after a period of time.
sheekaboo sheekaboo 8 years
Txredd Txredd 8 years
littlekaren littlekaren 8 years
4/5 ... I am so anti-caffeine, that I didn't want to say true to making one faster!
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
sunshinepointe sunshinepointe 8 years
Sweet, I paid attention this week :)
msshellokitty msshellokitty 8 years
EmyJean EmyJean 8 years
5/5 Yay :)
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