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Is Popcorn a Healthy Snack?

This Calorie Photo Comparing Popcorn to Chips Will Make You Rethink Your Snack Choices

If you had to choose between popcorn or chips, which would you reach for? Well, the photo above from caloriefixes may change how you snack for good. The Instagram account compared the portion sizes of 100 calories of popcorn versus 100 calories of chips, and as you can tell, you definitely get more fill with the former. Nine chips or three cups of popcorn? There's no question. A huge difference between these two snacks is also how satisfied you feel with each portion. Chances are that nine chips probably won't do it for you, which puts you at risk for reaching into the bag for more and more.

The type of popcorn matters, also! You actually get over double the amount of homemade popcorn for the same number of calories as microwave-popped. However, the picture above features Boomchickapop, proving that certain store-bought brands can also make healthy alternatives.

So next time you're craving a snack, you know what to do.

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