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Popping and Cracking Joints Doing Yoga

You Asked: Are Popping and Cracking Joints Harmful?

Hi FitSugar,

I got a yoga DVD recently and I like it a lot, but every time I do some of the workouts, my joints tend to crack and pop a lot! It doesn't hurt, it actually feels kind of good the same way cracking your knuckles feels, but I'm worried I might be hurting myself without even knowing it. I'm fairly flexible with a dance and martial arts background, but yoga is stretching me in new and interesting ways. Are the sounds my body is making just my body adjusting and will they go away as I do more yoga? I'm also almost 30 so is this just a part of getting older?


To find out what I think about popping and cracking while doing yoga


This happens to me too, and has been the entire eight years I've been practicing yoga. My lower back cracks when I do Seated Spinal Twist, my hip pops when I do Open Triangle, and my shoulder pops when I do Bound Wide Squat. I look forward to it because it makes my body feel more open.

The weird sound has to do with your joints. A joint is an area where two or more bones meet, and this area is surrounded by joint fluid that protects the bones from rubbing against each other. Nitrogen gas is dissolved in your joint fluid. When you move your body in new and interesting positions like when you're doing yoga, your bones move, which releases pressure from your joints. This makes the gas come out and form a bubble, and causes the cracking or popping sound you hear. That release of pressure allows a temporary increase in the joint's range of motion, which is why it feels so good.

Don't worry about all the noises your joints make while doing your yoga DVD. It won't cause arthritis or joint pain, just a temporary feeling of openness in your body. As long as you practice yoga, you can expect to hear popping and cracking.

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