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Popular Myths About Exercise

Speak Up: What Exercise Myth Did You Believe For a Long Time?

Recently while at my neighborhood nail salon, I overheard a group of medical school students in heated discussion about whether or not to exercise. "I don't have time," one said, and after everyone agreed another added, "And after all, if you start building muscle and stop exercising, all that muscle turns into fat anyway. I'd rather just not start!"

Even these future doctors didn't know that that statement is, in fact, completely false (they're two different types of cells), and I'm sure they aren't alone. There are so many theories about the best way to lose weight, banish fat, or build muscle floating around that it's no wonder myths often become commonly held beliefs before long. A friend told me that she believed six-pack abs could be had just by doing lots of crunches and nothing else, and I didn't quite believe in the importance of weight training.

What about you? What exercise myth did you believe to be true for a while? Tell me in the comments!

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