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Portion Control: It's All in Your Hands

Portion Control: It's All in Your Hands

We all know that portion control is the key to healthy eating as well as losing and maintaining weight. When you are about to bite into a nice chunk of cheese, it is hard to recall just exactly how big four dice actually are. Four dice is about the equivalent oh a portion of cheese, but who keeps dice in their pockets?

According to Jennifer Nelson, director of clinical dietetics at the Mayo Clinic, all you really need as a portion serving cheat sheet is your hands, fingers and thumbs.

To see how Nelson told Men's Health how hands can guide you through the jungle of portion control, just


  • Two fingers = 1 serving of cheese
  • Open palm = 1 serving of meat
  • Closed fist = 1 serving of fruit or vegetables
  • Cupped hand = 1 serving of cereal or grain
  • Tip of thumb = 1 serving of margarine, oil, or salad dressing
  • Thumb = 1 serving of candy


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