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Positive Thinking Day is Today, Sept 13th!

Today is going to be a great day.
Today I am going to workout.
Today I am going to eat healthy.
Today I am going to get plenty of sleep.
Today, when my husband farts, I'll feel happy we have such a close bond that he feels comfortable being himself around me.
Why, you ask? Because today, September 13th, is National Positive Thinking Day.

So if you tend to fall a little more on the negative side, make a point to put a positive spin on things today. Heck, you may even like it.

In celebration of this very positive day, Positive Thinking Magazine is offering free access to their online magazine for the latest issue (Sept/Oct). To be granted full access, just type the word "journey" at the login.

And of course, share your positive thoughts in the comments section below.

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Spectra Spectra 9 years
I had a job interview today and I think I nailed it, so that's a good thing. I ran 8 miles and also jumped rope, baked my husband's favorite brownies, and found out that my sister is having a baby boy! So yeah, today's been pretty positive so far :)
rysher rysher 9 years
lol @ the last one I need to be more positive sometimes...
the-kid the-kid 9 years
Check out how beautiful we all are!
tshellyedwards tshellyedwards 9 years
Today is a GREAT day (I'm being positive... I'm attempting to get rid of my blahness today ;)) I am proud of myself for my workouts I am proud of myself for not eating the doughnuts at work yesterday I am proud that I took a long walk with my honey last night and even happier that we had such a great conversation The rest of the work day WILL be great And the networking dinner I have to go to tonight will be great, and I will be great (I'm really noooot wanting to go! ha!)
City-Love City-Love 9 years
I am going to relax. I am going to do the things I love the adn play volleyball. I am going to enjoy my friends. I am going to enjoy myself and my single life. I am going to enjoy that I am alive.
saritabonita saritabonita 9 years
jajajajajaja... i feel so depressed right now... seriously.
misslarue misslarue 9 years
I like this idea! Have a great day everyone! :-)
cmgtvs7577 cmgtvs7577 9 years
That is so funny, I cried!
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