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Post-Workout Snacks to Avoid

3 Foods You Shouldn't Reach For After a Workout

Eating after a workout is just as important as fueling up beforehand, but you don't want to reach for just any snack. Avoid these foods after a sweat session.

Calorie bombs: A 30-minute run burns about 270 calories, so you don't want to undo all your hard work by downing a 400-calorie mango-kiwi smoothie and a 200-calorie Kind energy bar. As healthy as these foods are, that's a 600-calorie snack. Stick to something that's around 150 calories to avoid weight gain.

Sugary treats: Intense workouts often create cravings for something delicious, but don't be tempted by gooey chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter brownies, or ice cream. The high sugar content of these foods may create a quick energy burst, but it doesn't offer sustained energy or satisfy hunger in the long run. Instead, you'll end up with a headache once you come off the sugar high and be feeling even more lethargic, forcing you to reach for another sugary pick-me-up. If a sweet treat is what you crave, then skip the processed sugars and choose one of these fruit-inspired 150-calorie snacks instead.


Just carbs: Before a workout, you need to fuel up on carbs. Although they're important after a workout as well, protein is a must to help repair and build muscle. Not eating protein after a workout might also be the reason for your dull post-workout headache, so reach for some cheese, nonfat Greek yogurt, nuts, soymilk, or these all-natural post-workout snacks.

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