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Postrunning Stretches For Hips, IT Band, and Calves

Don't Forget These Stretches After a Run

After your run, your legs are probably in need of a good stretch. But it's not all quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Don't forget these areas when stretching after your jog.

Hip flexors: Combat all that forward propelling (and desk sitting) with stretches that open up and loosen those all-important hip flexors. Tight hip flexors can lead to back pain and a limited range of motion, so make sure you incorporate some of these hip flexor stretches into your postrun routine.

IT band: Regular runners know that stretching your iliotibial (IT) band is very important, but if you've never had problems, it's easy to neglect the tendon that runs down the outer side of your leg. Prevent painful IT and knee problems before they happen by keeping your body loose with this standing IT band stretch.


Calves: Calves have the luxury of being among some of the most-used muscles in your body, but many people ignore them after a run, which can lead to an overly tight and inflexible pair. After you finish a run, find a curb or wall and do one of these seven calf stretches regularly.

Toe stretches: Your lower digits can use some attention too. Keep your toes happy and help prevent plantar fasciitis by doing a minute of toe scrunches after your run (or regularly throughout your day).

Besides these often-neglected areas, there are several other important stretches you should be doing to ensure you keep your muscles strong and flexible and prevent injury. Try this postrun stretching sequence after your next jog, or incorporate this yoga sequence for runners into your routine.

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