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Postwork Workout Motivation

Get Motivated to Go For That Run!

Even as the weather warms up in San Francisco after a Summer of fog, between long and hectic days at work and a growing at-home to-do list, sometimes the last thing I feel like doing after I get home is going for a run. Reader caleighashton has the same problem, posting a question in the community seeking some motivational ideas. Here's some of your best advice (and a little of my own):

  • "The first few seconds are rough when I get home and change into my workout gear. I make sure I've laid out my clothes and I don't sit down. I immediately head out for my run. It's part of my daily routine now." — kittieflyn
  • "Bring my workout clothes with me to the office and either go to the gym after work, or to run outside, change at work so I don't even go in the house. If I make it inside, it is a lot harder to head back out for a run, so by not going in the house I save myself from the temptation to stay in." — Jenngal24

Check out some more reader-tested advice and share your own after the break.

  • "I work 45 minutes-an hour away from home, so taking a nice long run/a class at the gym is the perfect way to 'waste time' so that I'm not sitting forever in rush hour!" — AZDaisy

Like the advice given above, I try to bring my workout clothes with me to the office. If I'm going on an outdoor run, I get changed in the office bathroom and sneak out. I'm also at an advantage because the running routes near my office are wonderful; they're a nice change from the routes I'm used to near home. But even if your postwork run doesn't take you somewhere breathtaking, use a new route as a way to challenge yourself. Throw in a few hills for endurance-boosting variety, or enlist a co-worker to run with you. Just like getting motivated after a vacation, all it takes to throw some excitement into your postwork run is a little bit of change.

Have some great advice that isn't covered here? Please add it below!

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runningesq runningesq 6 years
Change up your running route, or even run your regular route "backwards" New audiobook New/ different music
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
I listen to intense music in the last hour of my day, typically the same kind of music that I'd listen to during an actual workout. I also take a few minutes at the end of my work day before I head out from my desk to catch up on fitness blogs, read about local hikes and watch videos about parkour and rock climbing. As silly as it sounds, it gets my adrenaline going before I even get up from my chair.
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