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In Praise of Urban Biking

After watching An Inconvenient Truth, I started asking "What would Al Gore Do?" as I walked around my house turning out lights left on in empty rooms — or when my husband left the car idling. I guess the answer to that question would be, "He would win a Nobel Peace Prize! That is what Al Gore would do."

FitSugar gives a big congratulations to Al Gore and the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for their shared win of the Nobel Prize. In honor of this momentous nod to changing our ways to positively affect climate change, I wanted to take a moment to praise urban biking. Biking is a great way to get about town and not only decreases your carbon footprint, but it gives you a workout too. Parking is easy as well. You just ride right up to where you are going and lock up your bike. If the streets are over congested, you can speed past all those cars on your agile two wheeled, pedal-powered bike. That's why David Byrne likes to bike in NYC.

Do you bike around town? Tell me about why you like it in the comment section below.

P.S. I am wondering where this cute urban biker's helmet is? I do think Al would suggest protecting her noggin while protecting the environment – don't you?


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sid98105 sid98105 9 years
My husband and I are both avid city bikers! He and I both bike to work or else use public transportation when it doesn't feel like a biking day.
Arthur Arthur 9 years
no one in the netherlands (who could give the japanese a run for the money as the 'best' on pub transport) wears a helment either. I think the folks without helmets in SF are not only vain, but mad.
Arthur Arthur 9 years
i would bike to my private jet!
Peony Peony 9 years
i would love to bike but the most challenging thing about that in NYC is that there is no room in my tiny apartment for a bike, and my building doesn't have a bike room. and Boricura last year I saw Al on a flight from New York to LA so he doesnt always fly around in a private jet! he was sitting in first class, lucky guy.
resurrectedred resurrectedred 9 years
I lived in Japan for a year and not once did I use a helmet, it wasn't required and plus I felt safe. Bicyclists were kept separate from cars, because they would usually use the sidewalks, which were wide enough for both people on bikes and pedestrians... Japan is the BEST example public transit and a pedestrian friendly urban landscape!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
Biking isn't my thing, especially living in a city, but I got interested in the article with the David Byrne mention. And if Al Gore would approve of it, it must be worth it. I'll just stick with my feet and public transportation for now.
thirtythreezero thirtythreezero 9 years
Hooray for biking! I live in the most bike friendly town in the united states, Davis, CA. I love biking to class everyday and just running errands I would have normally done with my car before I was in college. It's just a perfect ride, 3.5 miles to campus, and 3.5 back, for a round trip total of 7 miles, and then, since I do that twice a day, that's 14 miles of biking built into my daily excercise program, and I don't even have to schedule it in! Biking is totally rad.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I biked everywhere in college. I lived pretty close to my job and to campus, so I'd bike to classes and then after class I'd take the bike trail the 6 miles over to work. I also sometimes rode it to the grocery store if I only had a couple of things to get (bring a backpack, otherwise it's hard to carry stuff). Now, I only ride it if I'm going somewhere close by because my job is 30 miles away and I can't ride my bike on the highway.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
Yay Boricua! I wanted to say the same thing myself.
Boricua Boricua 9 years
What would Al Gore do? Fly his private jet. He really isn't the best example.
minaminamina minaminamina 9 years
I bike EEEEEVERYWHERE. I live a few blocks from work, so I just walk there, but I live about 15 miles from school, so I'm biking there every single day. I also bike around my campus, since it's effin huge, and it is much easier - I can speed by all those slow walkers who are making me late to classes! I also love to bike with my man to the park and chill there at night with a bottle of wine and some cuddling by the lake - too bad it's getting chilly in Buffalo, now, so that won't be happening again for a while. In Buffalo, there's a weekly midnight bike ride that my roommate and I participate in - Critical Mass. There might be one in your city too, so google it to find out! It's a great way to make some solid friends and be green in public! In my neighborhood, Elmwood Village (which has just been voted one of the Top 10 Best Neighborhood's in America by some national org), everyone bikes, pretty much. Parents are biking with their kids, and there are some cute bikes with baby seats and toddler seats on them! I like seeing people so active wherever I go - and drivers on Elmwood are so used to the bikes that they tend to be much more polite. Otherwise, no, Buffalo is not so bike friendly, and while Elmwood is in the city, getting around means cutting through suburbs - I don't think there's such a thing as "bike friendly," but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a shot!
bellanatella bellanatella 9 years
I love biking!
glitzee glitzee 9 years
I ride my bike to work pretty much every day. It saves me money on parking and gas and is a good workout, but the biggest benefit is mental. I recommend it to everyone I know.
redsugar redsugar 9 years
I wish I could. I live less than 10 miles from work, but I have a toddler to take to school every day. We only have one bike trailer.
marygrace marygrace 9 years
i would love to be able to use a bike as a means of transportation. many of my friends who live in cities do it, but in the suburban area where i live, its not really possible. most of the roads arent bike-friendly at all around here, and i think that is the case with a lot of suburban areas. most of the people i know would really like to use a bike to get places, but find it just isnt feasible due to the layout of their town. anyway, i'm hoping to move to a large city when i finish college, at which point i will definitely be using my bike to get around.
Feesje Feesje 9 years
I biked to the city today, where I participated in a 5k-race. And I'm feeling great now!
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