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Speak Up: What Are Your Pre-Workout Rituals?

Athletes do some kooky things before a big game: former Red Sox player Wade Boggs would eat chicken before every game, and during the 1998 World Cup, Laurent Blanc would kiss the head of his goalkeeper before each kickoff.

I might not be a professional athlete but I have my own little rituals before heading out on a big hike or climb. I fill up at least three water bottles and make a small tower of rocks at the beginning of my trail. Building a little rock tower is something I did when hiking with my family and I've just continued on the tradition.

Do any of you have rituals or superstitions you subscribe to before a big race or challenging exercise? Do you do them out of habit or does it calm your jitters? Let's hear from you!

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AZDaisy AZDaisy 7 years
I just noticed this tonight...apparently I always put my right shoe on first. I just tried putting on my left shoe first and it felt totally awkward! I also add to cairns whenever I see them while hiking!
runningesq runningesq 7 years
1. lay out EVERYTHING on my bed - in order of when I will use it. 2. take photo 3. 2 chocolate fudge pop tarts for breakfast 4. check, double check, and check a few more times that I have everything 5. pee 6. pee again 7. pee one more time 8. kiss husband 9. pee in water
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