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Preparation for Bound Wide Squat Pose

Strike a Yoga Pose: Prep For Bound Wide Squat

Wide Squat is a great pose that opens your hips, but if you want to open your shoulders, chest, and increase flexibility in your spine as well, then you're going to love doing Bound Wide Squat. The prep for this pose makes you feel an incredible sense of openness in your heart and lungs. Since you put weight in your bottom hand, it also gives you a great wrist stretch which allows you to shift weight into your heels so you can stretch your calf muscles.

Sanskrit Name: (Prep pose for) Bada Malasana
English Translation: (Prep pose for) Bound Garland Pose
Also Called: (Prep pose for) Bound Wide Squat

Want to know how to do this pose? Then

  • Begin in Wide Squat. Bring your right arm between your knees, and place your right palm flat on the floor. Try to lower your right shoulder and reach your fingers as far as you can out to the side, underneath your right shin.
  • Put some weight into your right palm, so you can shift weight back into your heels and balance equally on both feet.
  • Then reach your left arm up towards the ceiling. You can keep your arm straight, or for more of a stretch in your left shoulder and chest, you can pull your left arm further back. Gaze towards your lifted hand to encourage your spine to twist a little more.
  • Stay here for five deep breaths, then come back to Wide Squat for one complete breath to release the pose. Then do the other side.
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