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Printable: 22 Minute Quickie Elliptical Workout Interval

Set incline to 20 percent and get working:

Warm Up
00:00-03:00 Resistance 3
03:00-05:00 Resistance 5

Quicky Intervals for 5 minutes
Resistance between 5 and 7
05:00-05:08, RPE 8-10
05:08-05:20, RPE 4-7
05:20-05:28, RPE 8-10
05:28-05:40, RPE 4-7
05:40-05:48, RPE 8-10
05:48-06:00, RPE 4-7
Repeat 4 more times

10:00-12:00, level 9, Backward
Focus on your hamstrings

Quicky Intervals for 5 minutes
Resistance between 5 and 7
12:00-12:08, RPE 8-10
12:08-12:20, RPE 4-7
12:20-12:28, RPE 8-10
12:28-12:40, RPE 4-7
12:40-12:48, RPE 8-10
12:48-13:00, RPE 4-7
Repeat 4 more times

Cool Down
17:00-20:00 level 5
20:00-22:00 level 3

To make the workout even more varied, focus on your arms powering the motion during the intervals on even minutes. Alternate with pushing versus pulling as you work your arms to balance the muscle of your upper body.

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alrinne alrinne 8 years
A) I am using (just started) a Sole E95 machine. How do I reconcile your workout charts to the Sole E95 system?? You talk about SPM (Strides Per Minute), and go up to 200 per minute. I assume that 2 strides are the same as 1 revolution (RPM). However, even with the Resistance and Inclie set at 1, and going as fast as I can, I can only do about 75 RPM (or about 150 SPM) Increasing Resistance and/or Incline would make it difficult/impossible to achieve the stated speeds. B) How do I convert your Resistance, Incline and SPM data to be usable on the Sole E95 system?? C) What is an "RPE?" D) Some of the exercises use "subjective" speeds - Slow, Fast, Medium - How do I interpret these?? I am very interested in pursuing this exercise program because of my health and weight. Am looking forward to any responses. Thanks, Al Rinne
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