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Nathan Pritikin, founder of the Pritikin Program, says that his program is more like a way of life than a diet.

The Pritikin Program, focuses on daily exercise and an eating plan based on natural, nutrient-rich, low-fat, low-sodium, high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood, and limited lean meat.

It's recommended that you avoid artificial sweeteners and oils such as canola, olive, and flaxseed. Plus butter is a no-no too. No more whole and low-fat dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, milk, and yogurt. Also say goodbye to egg yolks, deep fried foods (what, no deep fried twinkies?), rich desserts and pastries, salty snack foods, processed meats like hot dogs and bologna, and no more chocolate (gasp!).

Hmmm. You had me up until the part about what to avoid and stay away from. Geez. Sounds like a STRICT diet to me. And a pretty strict one at that. No fat and no fun.

Want to know how it can help you? Then

According to research done by the New England Journal of Medicine, this program can help people achieve lifelong weight control, dramatically reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

I guess if you have high cholesterol, heart disease, or cancer in your genes, this diet could save your life. But as for me, yes, I am having fries with my meal, butter on my bread, and ice cream on my brownie.

Beaner Beaner 10 years
Seriously - some fat is good for you. Plus, depriving yourself of all the yummy foods you'll be missing out on must mess with your head. You probably freak out after a week and devour every fatty thing you can get your hands on.
cams cams 10 years
I guess Pritikin forgot that there are two ESSENTIAL fatty acids that must be obtained from the diet, and cut out every ounce of fat. (omega 3 and omega 6!!) While I agree that a low fat, plant based diet is probably best for preventing diseases, completely cutting out fat is not a good idea.. . That is, unless you want flaky skin and hair, brittle fingernails, headaches and muscle cramps.
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