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A lot of us have jumped on the probiotic bandwagon. With all the claimed benefits of those little buggers, how could you not? Problem is, like vitamins, all probiotic supplements are not created equal., an online resource available to help consumers and healthcare professionals evaluate health, wellness, and nutrition products, has put 22 popular probiotic supplements to the test and the findings were not pretty. Seven of the 22 did not meet quality standards of having at least a billion bugs; yup ONE BILLION BUGS while others were sub par for other reasons. The three that passed the test with flying colors in all their bacterial glory are:

Culturelle with Lactobacillus GG ($16.99)
Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls ($29.96)
Kal Acidophilus ProBiotic-5 ($7.85)

Buy all three from the

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suzanne suzanne 10 years
:JUMPIN: Yeah, Baby... mine's on the "good" list and life is sweet for me and my 5 billion! I've never seen much talk about :OOPS: chronic constipation here, but it's no picnic. We're supposed to be watching our bone density and I'm no Spring Chickie - so when my last bone scan showed a bit of osteopenia, my MD upped my calcium intake to 1200mg/day with Extra Vit D and Girl, let me tell you... Anyway, forget the Activia challenge... nada for me, then added fiber... nothing (but I did pass gas with every step I took.) Sure, a laxative if I've not been "successful" for 3 days did the trick, but it's so dangerous to get into that vicious cycle. I'm an RN and I know how much trouble that can get you into if you ever need surgery! Then came Bifidus... blessed, blessed Bifidus!!! My bowels are happy to say that they are officially "regulated" and now (enter James Brown...) OHHHHHHH, I feel good! Like I knew that I should!!! Ohhhhhh, I feeeeeel gooood! Like I knew that I should! So good... So good... :ANEGYPTIAN:
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