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Products That Help Make the Locker Room a Quick Pit Stop

I tend to make it to the gym pretty late at night, which means I'm not trying to waste time. And the locker room — IMHO — can be a major time suck. Over the years, I've found ways to speed up the process so I spend less time fussing in the locker room, and more time on the exercising. Need a little help in the time-saving department? Here are a few products that ensure the locker room isn't a black hole for your fitness fun.

  • The proper lock. Since I'm big on misplacing keys, being responsible for a padlock key isn't the smartest choice. But combination locks are sensitive and can be a big waste of time — especially since the sequence of numbers is often confusing. The solution? A Wordlock. Instead of messing with numbers that need turning to the left or the right, all you have to do is spell out a word of your choice.
  • Get organized. The women at my gym who take the longest in the locker room are the ones who throw their lives into their bags — and then onto the locker room benches! Instead of having to dig through your bag for your essentials, find a bag that has lots of compartments so you can organize, organize, organize! I also keep my toiletries in a separate bag so when it comes time to shower or freshen up, I can just grab it and go.
  • A streamlined beauty routine. When you leave the gym as late as I do, showering isn't always an option. To keep my hair from getting gross, I pull it back in a ponytail and also wear a sweat-absorbing headband. If I need to freshen up on my way out, dry shampoo and body wipes can save me a good 20 minutes compared to a shower.

What products help you get in and out of the gym quickly?

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