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Protect Your Skin with BodyGlide

One of the toughest things about running in races (or even just jogging a few miles in your neighborhood) is how rough it is on your skin. Anyone, no matter if they're resting, working, walking, running, cycling, hiking, climbing, swimming or paddling needs to avoid skin injury from sun. However we also need to avoid injury to the skin from friction (blisters, chafing, saddle sores and other skin irritation caused by rubbing). I don't know about you but my gym bag is only so big, so wouldn't it be great if one product protected your skin from both dangers?

Luckily BODYGLIDE has revamped their anti-blister and anti-chafing formula to include a spf 25 sunscreen in their BODYGLIDE Sun Screen Stick ($13.99). Whether from footwear (including athletic and other shoes, boots, and sandals), from clothing (including shorts and bike chamois, tops, and sports bras), or from skin rubbing skin the stick will help alleviate such pain. It comes in a convenient stick formula (looks like a deodorant stick) that you can put anywhere you need sun and/or irritation protection. The ‘stick’ makes application effortless and unlike other products, it contains no petroleum or mineral, vegetable or other oils, no lanolin, no water or alcohol; so it does not slide off the skin, evaporate, or require frequent reapplication. it’s not oily, sticky or wet, doesn’t fly away like powder. It's waterproof, breathable and moisturizing, which means even if you are doing a triathlon in the desert, you'll feel protected. Buy it online from or visit the BodyGlide site to see where you can buy it.

SU3 SU3 10 years
This is a great product! I haved used it before when I went swimming and it's excellent for those mile swims in the ocean
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