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This Beachbody Trainer's Post-Workout Protein Smoothie Only Has 4 Ingredients

If you wonder what trainers eat regularly to maintain their fit figure, you're certainly not alone. We were lucky enough to chat with Jericho McMatthews, Beachbody Super Trainer and cocreator of Core De Force. She knows what it means to be a busy mom who still finds time to take care of herself and her fitness. We asked her what her favorite on-the-go post-workout fuel is, and not surprisingly, she's a huge fan of protein shakes.

"We need to make sure we're getting enough protein," Jericho told POPSUGAR. "It helps with DOMs [delayed onset muscle soreness] and [helps] your muscles recover faster and reduce soreness, but also it helps to repair and rebuild the muscle we're trying to rebuild when we're lifting weights."

Jericho is a huge fan of the Beachbody Performance Recover Post-Workout Formula. "If you walk into any kind of vitamin shop, you'll see a million tubs of proteins, but a lot of them are full of nasty chemicals and artificial sweeteners, so a high-quality protein is very important," she explained. "I use the Beachbody performance supplement line, which is the official performance line used by the Ironman athletes, so it's really high-grade protein. I like chocolate."


There are two different ways Jericho drinks her protein supplement. Sometimes "it's just the whey protein with water," but when she has access to a blender and she's had a particularly tough workout, she adds in a few other things. "I'll blend some chocolate protein with ice, maybe a banana, and a little bit of almond butter and almond milk — a full-on smoothie," she shared.

There you have it! Next time you don't know what to throw into your blender, take Jericho's advice. Your muscles will thank you for it.

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