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Purely Elizabeth's Gluten-Free Cookie Mix Review

Purely Elizabeth Gluten-Free Cookies

Certain packaged goods companies make cooking unhealthy as simple as one, two, three — just think of Nestle's slice and serve cookie dough rolls and Easy Cheese. Now thanks to innovators like Purely Elizabeth, it's just as easy to be smart and heart healthy as it is to slice and bake. The New York based company is bringing a new face to the convenient cooking category by introducing yummy mixes suitable for those eating a gluten-free or vegan menu. Believers in the motto, "you are what you eat," they pour pure ingredients into their easy made mixes so consumers can proudly claim that they themselves are all natural and organic. 'Cause let's face it — nobody wants to be cheese in a can.

Curious to see if their taste lived up to their great expectations, I tried out the Oatmeal Cherry Cookie Mix ($9/bag). I won't lie — my expectations on the taste level were pretty mediocre. But, much to my delight (and to the delight of my children!) the mix was a hit in my kitchen.

Want to hear more of my review on the mix?

The cookies were a cinch to make — just add a bit of olive oil, applesauce, and vanilla extract and you've got yourself a plate full of sweets. The lack of butter and sugar makes for a more fragile cookie so it's best to follow directions and wait for the cookies to cool before removing them from the tray. (You can substitute vegan butter for the olive oil, which I may be tempted to try next time) Once I allowed the morsels to cool, I had a nice display of the cherry and chocolate oatmeal discs that were begging for bites.

And bite away I did. Unlike most cookies, these don't leave you with greasy fingertips, lubed up lips, and double the calories and fat. Instead, you can take comfort in the caramel pods, the cherry bits, and the vegan chocolate morsels, (which taste just like the real deal), and feel good knowing you've ingested some brain empowering chia seeds, protein, fiber, and vitamins to keep you strong and healthy. Sounds like maybe a Purely Elizabeth cookie a day will be enough to keep the doctor away. Next up on my test kitchen? The Purely Elizabeth Perfect Pancake Mix!

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terryterryg terryterryg 5 years
In short, don't waste your money and time. Purchased the chocolate chip cookie mix (making sure to read the ingredients beforehand to insure that there was nothing in the product that I did not want (I am not allergic to gluten/dairy -- only sensitive). Made the batch using the coconut oil option. They smelled good and the first bite tasted good. However, before I could eat the entire cookie, there was a raw sensation in the back of my throat. My other 2 family members had the same reaction. Tried again the next day, with the same results. Contacted the company to make them aware of my experience and while they were empathetic, their return policy is "all sales final". Well, Elizabeth, you are right. This will be my final sale. There are so many other good GF products out there, that I would never support a company that puts themselves before their customers.
amber512 amber512 6 years
Yeah, there are only a few things I buy that specifically say gluten-free on them, because I'd rather make certain things at home.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 6 years
OK this is STILL junk food. Non essential snacks and foods that could be replaced with healthy unprocessed foods. Since being forced to become wheat & gluten free due to celiacs I've become keenly aware of this fact that cleaver entrepreneurs are launching so called "healthy" gluten free snacks when in fact its simply gluten free junk food. And the gluten free snacks are often excessive expensive to boot.
amber512 amber512 6 years
You add oil AND applesauce? I have never heard of that. I always replace oil with applesauce because I think treats taste better, with a much better texture.
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