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Push-Up Challenge

Get Fit For 2012: Take the Challenge

We are three days into 2012, but it feels like the year is finally just starting. If one of your goals for the year it to get stronger, we have strength training challenge to jump-start your January. It's simple: see how many push-ups you can do in minute, then share your number in the comments section. If you need to lower your knees to the floor at the start or at anytime during the minute — no worries. Keep on going and keep on counting. This challenge will quickly assess your upper body strength, helping you set a baseline to measure your gains over the year. Plus, if the temps are dropping where you live, this activity will warm you up!

Here is a little reading to get you motivated: Five Things to Remember When Doing Push-Ups.

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AidaA AidaA 5 years
I suck!!! 15!!! :-( I hate push ups, but this is a good challenge - I think I'll add it to my to-do list this year!
Fitand50 Fitand50 5 years
28 but my husband says that according to the Marine Corps. it would be zero since I didn't go all the way down til my nose touched the floor. My arms say I was definitely doing push-ups!
afhill afhill 5 years
36! I surprised myself!
amyleerobinson amyleerobinson 5 years
20. You can do it, ladies~!
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