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Jillian Michaels Just Invented a Push-Up Variation That'll Give You Ripped Abs (Yes, Abs!)

We can always count on celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels to give us reliable, effective workouts. Her Instagram is the ideal place to peruse whenever you need some extra gym inspiration.

Her latest post features a new variation of push-ups you've probably never seen before — and we're pretty sure that's because Jillian invented it. She calls these "Diamond Belly Button Push-ups!" And they're "great for a flat tummy and sexy, strong arms."

You don't have to tell us twice, Jillian. You've likely seen a diamond push-up before, but Jillian revamps this variation by bringing her hands — still in a diamond position — right underneath her belly button rather than underneath her chest. This allows your abs to really fire up, which gives you a stronger, leaner core in the long run.

She even included a modifier for anyone who doesn't feel ready for the full variation yet. Time to put your abs and your arms to work, all at once!

Image Source: Getty / David Livingston
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