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It’s like Murphy’s Law of exercising: anyone you don’t want to run into while you’re at your absolute sweatiest, you most likely will—whether it’s that cute guy from your building or perhaps more embarrassing: your boss. And although we don’t advise hitting the treadmill in full makeup or wasting a good blow out on hot yoga, there are some easy ways to conceal or downplay your pulse-racing “problem areas” so you can face just about anyone with confidence.

CONCEAL IT: Invest in a few stylish hair accessories—wide and skinny headbands in fun colors, scarves and wraps in fun prints—and cover up completely, or use to accent a plain ponytail.

CONCEAL IT: Full makeup is a definite workout “don’t,” but it’s OK to correct minor imperfections with a little spot treatment. Just dab a bit of foundation or BB cream on the standout areas. For cold sores and pimples too try new Abreva® Conceal™, a clear, non-medicated patch that instantly conceals your blister or blemish and enables you to apply makeup on top—all the while creating a protective barrier that allows air in while keeping contaminants out.