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If you have been reading FitSugar, then you already know that I am a bit of a health/protein bar fanatic. I wouldn't say I am picky, but bars are so hit and miss when it comes to taste and it's just too hard to tell from the packaging. Energy bars can be tasteless -- Apparently it's just not easy making a quick, healthy bar taste good.

Jigsaw ($2.97/bar) goes beyond that as they believe you shouldn't be satisfied with health bars tasting just "good". Well after twenty-two versions, they think they've got it perfect... all the nutrients you need, none of the sugar found in other bars (they are sweetened with sugar alcohol) and a delicious taste. I am even more impressed with their 100% full-refund satisfaction guarantee, which shows that they stand behind their product.

Tested by me and my picky (and sensitive to texture) taste buds, I can honestly tell you the bars are good and I'll even go as far to say that the coconut almond bar is downright tasty.

What's more? Jigsaw Bars Contain No Gluten, Lactose, Soy Protein, or Casein but they do contain Meg-3 (omega-3 essential fatty acids sourced from fish) and OptiNutrin (immune-enhancing glyconutrients from mushrooms). All good to hear.

You can buy them directly from the Jigsaw site. Guess what else? Since FitSugar readers are so special, Jigsaw would like to offer you all $5.00 off your first purchase online! Just enter the code FitSugar at checkout! Enjoy!

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Jen-Martin Jen-Martin 10 years
I actually got a couple of these in the mail for free the other day. The coconut-almond is incredible. The chocolate tasted more like a brownie to me than a chocolate bar, not that Im complaining. Overall, not a bad choice for a desk jockey like me to snack on in the afternoon. And while I didnt necessarily think $3 was bad for a mid-afternoon snack I was very happy to see they were really only like $1.50 when you take into consideration the buy one get one free deal. Plus, they make me feel a little better about my new years resolution to eat healthier since Ive pretty much ignored all the others.
PatrickSullivan PatrickSullivan 10 years
cravinsugar: glad my comments made sense. If you do choose to try them out, please let me know how you feel -- patrick at jigsawhealth dot com. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! :) ccsugar: yep, they are pricey at $2.97. But in the words of Blogger RandomJohn, "So do you get what you pay for? I think yes." PLUS, these are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for a limited time. And you can use FitSugar coupon code for another $5 off. (Wait a am I supposed to make any money on these so I can pay employee's salaries? We'll figure that out next month. ;))
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
I appreciated the comment back form the jigsaw bar guy. where did it go? and, jigsaw bar guy, if you read this, I am all for trying your bar. I just wanted to make sure people knew to be careful how many sugar alcohols they consume. _________________________________________________________ Why don't you wear the face you have when I am not around?
PatrickSullivan PatrickSullivan 10 years
I'm the co-founder and president of Jigsaw Health, the makers of Jigsaw Bars. Wanted to add some comments. Cams, the MEG-3 fish ingredient is tasteless, which is what makes it such a cool ingredient for us to use. EPA and DHA from REAL cold water fish, but without the fish taste. There's actually a lot of technology improvements happening in the Omega-3 realm because of it's wider acceptance and understanding. Cravingsugar, good point about sugar alcohols. Couple of points to ponder. I'll try to be as succinct and jargon-free as possible. (1) Sugar alchohols are "low digestible carbohydrates" or polyols. (So much for "jargon-free"...) They aren't counted in the net carb equation because they aren't absorbed by body, like fiber. However, they do ferment in the small and large intestines, which may cause gas or worse. (2) As usual, the dose is the key. But the "ouch" dose is different for everyone and in the same person, higher or lower at different times because the GI tract is a dynamic environment. (3) Maltitol syrup is a sweet "bulking agent" that helps hold everything together and makes them chewy. It has the lowest "laxation" point of all sugar alcohols. (Livesey 2001) (4) THIS IS USUALLY OVERLOOKED: Chronic negative effects -- gas, bloating, diarrhea -- from sugar alcohols may be a sign of bad things going on in the GI tract. For one, an imbalance of the instestinal flora where the good bacteria (probiotics like acidophilus) have been overrun by the bad guys. Lots more about this at: (5) If your experience has been that you really can't stomach ANY sugar alcohols, then stay away from the Jigsaw Bars. It's cliche to say that I care about customers, but we all try very hard at Jigsaw Health to make the customer experience delightful. Diarrhea is not delightful. We have used the least amount and most tolerable sugar alcohols to achieve the right taste and texture so people wouldn't say either "yuck" or "ugh." To put it in context, let me paraphrase a lowcarb blogger who has yet to publish his review: "Wish you didn't use maltitol syrup in the first place, but after eating only one bar to limit my sugar alcohol intake, I feel no rumbling at all. GREAT product!" All that said, we're perfectionists! And we're already looking at new ways to tweak the formula. Expensive for us, but the right thing to do for you. :) Thanks for the review SugarFit! Glad you found us. Hope your readers enjoy. :)
rubialala rubialala 10 years
cravinsugar, that is a good note, I have made that mistake before, too. :OOPS:
cams cams 10 years
I'm always wary of omega 3s from fish oil...doesnt it make it taste like fish!? I can always taste the menhadden or salmon. gross!!!!! And youre right cravin, sugar alcohols are no good for me, I have like zero tolerance
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
Word of warning: Sugar Alcohol=over comsumption will cause gas and in some cases diahrrea. this is true for all stuff that is sugar free with sugar alcohols. I made the msitake yesterday of eating too many ice breaker sour berry sugarless mints....i was in the bathroom all afternnon and evening! _________________________________________________________ Why don't you wear the face you have when I am not around?
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