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Quick Tips to Lose a Few Pounds

Need to Lose a Few? 6 Ways to Slim Down Fast

Whether you're gearing up for a fancy night out or are feeling sluggish from weekend indulgences, sometimes weight-loss goals are less about major body transformations and more about feeling good in your favorite pair of jeans. When it comes to a quick slim-down, it seems like almost everyone has tips to share, so we asked what yours are on our POPSUGAR Fitness Facebook page. Read on for the top tips you use to shed a few pounds!

  1. Eat clean: It seems like refined carbs are the culprit when it comes to a few unwanted pounds for some of you. Specifically, many of you cut out carbs like sugars and starches. But eliminating carbs isn't the only diet change; you also need to eat cleaner by cutting out salt, sodas, and junk food, many readers say. "Cut out sugar, packaged foods, and salt. Alcohol, white rice, and bread all convert to sugar in the body so those are out too," says Sara.
  2. Don't diet: There's a difference between changing eating habits for the better and following a trendy diet to shed weight. "I was the heaviest when I dieted in my teens and early 20s," says Amanda. "So I never diet, ever." Instead, Amanda changes her eating habits slightly, like eating half a sandwich at lunch instead of a whole one. Michelle agrees, saying that the best way to your goal weight is by "eliminating diets — creating a healthy lifestyle!"
  3. Do more cardio: Many of you up your cardio to drop a few pounds. Running is a popular way for many of you to lose weight, with many readers saying they increase their mileage more in the weeks when they want to lose a little weight. Others add extra gym workouts (both cardio and strength training) to their routine. Linda takes it a step further by incorporating high-intensity interval training, which she says "helps as it uses glycemic stores for fuel and takes up to 48 hours to replenish, so that means you're burning calories even after your workout to replenish those stores!"
  4. Drink more water: There are lots of reasons to make sure you're drinking enough water — including weight loss. That's why many of you list drinking more water as one of your top tips for dropping pounds. Whether it's adding green tea or lemon water to your diet, hydration is an important aspect to weight-loss goals. "Eat clean, train dirty, and drink lots and lots of water," Laura advises. Carol also sums it up simply: "Move more; eat less. Stay hydrated."
  5. Make calories in less than calories out: For some, the secret to a leaner body is simple, no matter how many pounds they'd like to lose. "At the end of the day it doesn't matter how many carbs you cut, how 'clean' you eat, how much water you drink or how much cardio you do — if it doesn't cause you to burn more calories than you consume you won't lose fat," says Shawn. Easier said than done, of course, but keeping a food journal and recording your workouts helps. "Track all calories in order to burn more than consumed," Katie advises.
  6. Eliminate extras: They add up, and when you're trying to lose a few pounds, these should be the first to go. "Cut out a few of the extras, like the second latte and the sweet tea. Those little extras add up!" says Jean. Deborah also eliminates cheat days, while Eszter eats less sweets and sugar to help slim down.
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