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Quit Tip: Pick a Day to Quit Smoking

One thing I can wholeheartedly recommend to improve your health is quitting smoking. It decreases your chance of getting and dying from cancer, heart disease, and stroke. I am not saying you should quit today cold turkey, but if you did I would be so glad. What I am saying is that you should pick a date to quit and begin publicly counting down until that day arrives.

The American Cancer Society wants to help you count down to your momentous quit day, and they have even designed a couple little desktop helpers. One is a countdown calendar to help you rev up to quit day. Just pick a date, any date, but make sure it is within the next 30 days — you can’t put it off forever. The clock lives on your computer desktop and counts down the days until your chosen day to go smoke free.

Their other helpful widget is the Craving Stopper, a little distracting memory game that lasts about two minutes, the amount of time it take for a craving to subside. Just preoccupy yourself with the game and let the need for a smoke subside naturally. Unfortunately, these widgets only work with Windows OS. Sorry Mac folks.

Hey. I have a great idea . . . make this Thursday, November 15, your quit date, since it is the Great American Smokeout!

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