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Healthy Recipes
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Quiz on Metabolism

Fit Quiz: Do You Know Your Metabolism Facts?

Remember the days when you could eat a pack of donuts and not worry about the aftermath? Well, some of you may still be able to do that but the metabolism rate eventually tries to rule out those sort of sneaky treats . . . and for good reason. The sugar stays the same, but too often, our metabolism rate does not. If you know the basic facts on metabolism, you'll know why donuts aren't always a good thing. Come see how well you know the ABCs on the fat burning subject.

Fit Quiz: Do You Know Your Metabolism Facts?

T/F: Your metabolism rate is higher the earlier you eat your breakfast.

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CKL0417 CKL0417 6 years
Okay, I guess we are finished here. I thought we would be moving on to question #2, but it's been a while now, so, I'll say so long, nice meeting with you for a while.
CKL0417 CKL0417 6 years
Are we to move on now?
CKL0417 CKL0417 6 years
Okay, I think the answer to #1 may be "yes" because from what I've learned, eating an early breakfast revs up the metabolism and keeps it revved up for the remainder of the day actually!
CKL0417 CKL0417 6 years
I have not seen the topic.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I disagree with the first one. I think eating close to waking up is good, but the actual time doesn't matter. If you are someone who wakes up at 6, eat then, if you work a night shift and wake up at 3 pm, eat then.
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