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Beginner Fitness Tips
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RX For Sore Feet: Rubz Massage Ball

When my feet are dog tired, I like to give them a Rubz down. This little ball, just under two inches in diameter, gives the perfect foot massage.

While standing, place your foot on the ball and roll; the 172 "stimulating fingers" work the soles of your feet. If you want more pressure, you simply put more of your body weight onto the ball. My feet crave a little rub after a long hike or run. Giving your feet a little love can help prevent plantar fasciitis, an overuse foot injury that can sideline runners. The massage brings blood to the stiff fascia, making it more pliable and responsive to preventative stretching. You can pick up a Rubz at REI for $5. A cheap and easy foot rub, however, is truly priceless.

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Food Food 7 years
Now I might just have to get one!
Fitness Fitness 7 years
The rubs is much better than a tennis ball. It is smaller and doesn't slip out from under your foot.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
my dogs have a toy that looks just like this that I sometimes use like this. Although I'm sure I paid more than $5 for the dog toy. Looks interesting.
Quanni-E Quanni-E 7 years
I want it. LOL.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Why not use a tennis ball? Seems like it'd do almost the same thing. JMHO.
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
I'm waaaaaaaaay to ticklish for that! Just the thought of a professional pedicure sends shivers down my spine!
Food Food 7 years
I might need this, stat! Does it work better than a tennis ball?
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