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Rant About a Gym Giving Away Tootsie Rolls

Fittingly Mad: Tootsie Rolls at My Gym!

So I just checked out a new gym in my area and saw something that really annoyed me. A bucket of Tootsie Rolls on the counter by the front door. I'm trying to do my body good by exercising, and they're tempting me with chewy chocolaty candy? What gives? I talked to one of the trainers who worked there, and she said that the gym's philosophy is unique in that they support overall health, rather than obsessions about being thin and toned. They strive for a comfortable, supportive, and friendly environment, where no one is judged, and everyone feels happy. The Tootsie Rolls, right by the exit, act as a little reward for working out and taking care of yourself. They also have free bagels one morning each month, and free pizza one night each month.

So I love their philosophy about supporting overall health and rewarding people for working out, but Tootsie Rolls? Bagels? Pizza? These aren't exactly screaming health food. Straight up candy just isn't good for your teeth or your blood sugar levels (not exactly how you want to replace depleted glycogen levels), and contains absolutely nothing nutritious. I'm not trying to be a Sally Sourpuss here, but I can think of so many other healthy ways they could reward their gym-goers. How about bags of nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, cheese sticks, or whole grain crackers? Or free passes to the gym? OK, so those aren't as fun as candy, but they'll sure make you feel better than a handful of Tootsie Rolls (you know you can't eat just one).

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