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Rant About thinkThin bars

Fittingly Mad: thinkThin bars

I recently came across these thinkThin bars in the grocery store and was fuming about them. Think thin? I'm sorry. I didn't get the memo that being thin is the only important thing to think about in life. As if we aren't inundated enough from magazines, TV, and celebrities that thinness equals beauty. Now I have to get that message from my food?

These bars are low in carbs (only 2g) and have 20g of protein. I guess they're on the whole Atkins bandwagon, promoting foods that are low carb/high protein. Is this supposed to be a magical bar that you can eat and it will instantly melt away fat and make you thin. Oh please!

On the website, it says that thinkThin was developed as an "inner beauty food" designed for those who "think" about what they eat. Interesting philosophy. Maybe they should have been called thinkBeauty bars instead. What do you guys think about these bars?


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