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Rant About thinkThin bars

Fittingly Mad: thinkThin bars

I recently came across these thinkThin bars in the grocery store and was fuming about them. Think thin? I'm sorry. I didn't get the memo that being thin is the only important thing to think about in life. As if we aren't inundated enough from magazines, TV, and celebrities that thinness equals beauty. Now I have to get that message from my food?

These bars are low in carbs (only 2g) and have 20g of protein. I guess they're on the whole Atkins bandwagon, promoting foods that are low carb/high protein. Is this supposed to be a magical bar that you can eat and it will instantly melt away fat and make you thin. Oh please!

On the website, it says that thinkThin was developed as an "inner beauty food" designed for those who "think" about what they eat. Interesting philosophy. Maybe they should have been called thinkBeauty bars instead. What do you guys think about these bars?


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itsmekat itsmekat 5 years
I love these bars! No sugar, and lots of carbs. Very little fiber though, but can get this from veggies. The bars are very filling, and not overly sweet. Keeps me going after a run! For $2.40 well worth it to me! And, I love the name. It is NOT saying it will make you thin, it makes you have a positive attitude!
shannonl03 shannonl03 5 years
You'd have to be stupid to think you could eat food and magically become thin. The name means nothing, its just a name that is obviously trying to communicate that the bar is not bad for you. As an athlete, I love these bars for a pregame snack, during practice snack, and after game snack. The protein is wonderful for my muscles and keeping me full, and they taste like a candy bar. This original post is absurd for criticizing the bar on its name.
JSMArchitect JSMArchitect 5 years
Seriously? If you don't like the name, don't eat it. Being thin = being healthy, what is wrong with being healthy? If you're going to rant, do it with appropriate reasons, not about things you can avoid. Ex: I don't watch anything pertaining to "magazines, TV, & Celebrities, because quite frankly I don't care... I subscribe to magazines about architecture, watch the History/Discovery channels, and really don't care about celebrities... so why do you? Besides, thin may not be beautiful to you, but do you know the health risks of being overweight? MY rant is that I'm sick of people saying "love your body as it is", if people loved their bodies so much they should be taking care of it. As far as these ThinkThin bars go, people should also exercise if they are so concerned to diet. 2 cents.
karenR702 karenR702 6 years
What's different? they are GLUTEN FREE, many of us out there, including the 3 million that are undiagnosed need to find a bar that stands aside with Protein that our diets desperately need. There are very few foods that don't have wheat (flour) in them and clearly think thin is one brand that understands it. Have a good day and I hope that you don't have to live with a food allergy ~smile~
getwithhealth getwithhealth 6 years
Many of you people are obviously no dietitians including myself, but honestly.. It's the basics that count. Many of you bashing this bar even admitted that this is a high protein low carb meal bar.. the difference between this bar and any other bar? The Sugar. Check your labels people.
Paula-Hoffman-Design Paula-Hoffman-Design 6 years
I eat these all the time. I like that it's high in protein but that is about it. They don't taste that great. They also cost a lot. I still will buy one if it's on sale but usually if I want a protein bar I go for the classic brownie flavor cliff bar.
jackieallure jackieallure 7 years
Oh bloody hell. Do some research and try it before you bash it. Thinkthin HAS 25g of complex carbs. 0g of sugar, and 20g of protein, with a healthy 200 calories. It doesn't claim to melt away fat, and it only claims to be a part of a healthy daily diet and exercise program. The chocolate flavors are delicious, I personally hate the peanut butter. Its the most delicious, healthy and effective protein bar i've had. Thinkthin has nothing artificial, is wheat and gluten free and its purpose is to keep you full when you're on the go and busy, or after you work out. It doesn't make you lose weight, but it does certainly aid to prevent you from gaining it if you eat it instead of your doritos, or whatever the hell junk food is out there. Darling? Do some research, and try it before you bash it. Thinkthin is for people who enjoy keeping up with their health and not becoming part of Americas "obese" nation.
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