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Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Supplement

Have You Ever Taken Raspberry Ketone?

If you're a Dr. Oz fan, you may have heard of the latest news in weight loss — raspberry ketone. The supplement, according to a weight-loss expert on The Dr. Oz Show, will help your body "think it's thin" and burn body fat in as little as five days of taking the supplement daily.

Raspberry ketone pills are derived from raspberries, which are known for having metabolism-boosting properties. According to Dr. Oz's show, raspberry ketone pills contain the concentrated benefits of 90 pounds of raspberries, so just 100 mg a day of the supplement will supposedly help your body burn fat.

So, does it work? Studies have found that it does (at least in mice!). One study found that mice fed a high-fat diet did not gain weight after regularly being given a dose of the supplement; another study found that raspberry ketone, in mice, increased the amount of adiponectin, a hormone that "naturally tricks your body into acting like it's thin," according to Dr. Oz.

In general, raspberry ketone pills are known to be safe, but of course finding the right, trustworthy brand is key (especially since dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA), and it's important to note that no long-term studies have been done in humans. And while Dr. Oz touts the benefits of raspberry ketone, even he is quick to note that taking the supplement isn't a substitute for diet and exercise, but rather a way to help "get you over the hump" when starting a weight-loss routine.

Are you buying the so-called benefits of raspberry ketone? Let us know if you've tried it and what you think in the comments!

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