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There have been reports circulating about the latest health trend to hit the streets (literally) that is actually illegal in 15 states: Raw milk consumption. Yes, I'm talking unpasteurized, unhomogenized, raw milk straight from the cow. Honestly it makes me cringe to even think about it but apparently people love the stuff for two reasons. For one, they like the richer taste. Also, for nutritional reasons. Some feel that pasteurization (process of heating and quickly cooling milk) destroys beneficial bacteria, proteins and enzymes while killing pathogens such as E. coli, salmonella and listeria.

I'm curious what you guys think, are you feeling this raw milk craze or will you be sticking to your pasteurized dairy for now?


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Sparrow82 Sparrow82 8 years
Pasteurized milk makes my sinuses congested and awful colored and makes me not 'go' to the bathroom for days on end. It also raises my pulse too high. I switched to raw milk (the farm I get it from is certified by the department of agriculture in our state). I have not had any problem with milk or yogurt in this form. My husband is also sleeping better as well since then, as well. If raw milk was so dangerous, then what about throughout human history? Pasteurization is a very recent thing. Sanitary people and farms are the issue. Farmers and workers with the milk feel free to be slobs with the product and then can 'fix' it by destroying all things in the milk (good and bad). I'd rather a clean product not a dirty product that had been sterilized.
flyer_andy flyer_andy 9 years
I drink raw milk every day and feel great. Plus I'm buff now. And don't have zits anymore really. It's the right thing to do for so many reasons -- family dairy cows are happier (by FAR -- I've met mine!), the proteins are not de-natured, the enzymes are intact, and the vitamins are there in full force. The raw fats are great for your cell membranes (and a lot of other stuff too!). And as far as cleanliness is concerned, I'd implore anybody to simply go visit the dairy from which they're considering procuring raw milk -- small family dairies are usually immaculately maintained and the farmers are more than happy to show you recent bacterial tests. In the end, it's just the right thing to do. Cows are wonderful creatures and deserve a clean, pleasant family farm to live on -- the raw milk movement will help make that a reality for many more of them. I love my raw milk and plan on drinking it every day from here on out.
ClassicsDiva ClassicsDiva 10 years
The Mongols subsisted mainly on mare's milk and meat. And they conquered nearly all of Asia and parts of Eastern Europe.
pwnstar pwnstar 10 years
Pretty sure that the consumption of raw milk is not strictly illegal anywhere; it's only the sale of raw, unpasteurized milk that is against the rules. Shares and barter groups get around these silly laws (why not let people sell what people will buy?) buy allowing people to barter services or goods for goods that are illegal to sell, be it raw milk, homemade liquor, wine, beer, or mead, or whatever. Power to the people, damnit.
Ashenturtle Ashenturtle 10 years
dropthehammer dropthehammer 10 years
Raw (unadulterated) milk IS cool! It's way more than just cool, it changed my life for the better in every way and I'm glad to see an article on this site about it. I have been drinking raw milk for the past five years and my anemia is gone, my stamina has increased big time and I'm pretty sure I'm not lactose intolerant any more since I drink four gallons a week!!! Also, some find this hard to believe but I have lost five pounds and increased my muscle mass - and I'm talking about clean, raw, full-fat milk from a beautiful jersey cow that gives halve cream, halve milk. If anyone wants more info check out P.S. what other species besides humans milks a soybean?
aligatorrrr aligatorrrr 10 years
its dangerous. period. if you want to risk your life for better tasting "raw" milk then go right ahead....if you are a milk drinker look into buying only organic milk...cows that werent treated with growth hormones and were fed an organic diet. :)
tyffi tyffi 10 years
It's funny to see that they now start to make money with raw milk. I've grown up in the country and all my life we've bought the milk straight at the farmer's. Sometimes it was still even warm! Nevertheless, I think it's the best milk you can get. Of course, there's more fat in it, and you can't store it for ages in your fridge, but it healthier than anything else. And anyone who's screaming now of bacteria: there are no bacterias and germs in the cow's udder, milking is (or should be) a clean process, and usually the milk is cooled down right after the milking. From 38°C to 4°C in less than a minute. Depends on the milking machine. Still, I think nothing's better than fresh milk, straight from the cow. At least then you know what you're drinking. My ex boyfriend's dad runs a farm. I know quite a lot about that stuff. *lol*
Cher Cher 10 years
I don't see how natural milk is any worse than soda pop?!? If it doesn't agree with you - don't drink it!
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
raw sounds so negative. why not natural milk? It hasn't been enhanced with vitamins, superheated, sterilized, etc?
tennisgal tennisgal 10 years
If you're ever been on a dairy farm, they drink unpasterized milk all the time. I don't see the big deal if people like it. However, I've tasted it thought it's awful but maybe that's just because I had seen it coming out of the cows moments before!
kgtg1 kgtg1 10 years
clarient - Frank A. Oski wrote an entire book on the subject, entitled Don't Drink Your Milk!. He was the Director of the Pediatric division at Johns Hopkins, so he is not as crazy as the PETA people : ) Also, John Robbins wrote a book, Diet for a New America, where he discourages drinking any milk - AND he was the heir to the Baskin-Robbins fortune. has a lot of information, as well. I personally don't care if other people want to drink milk, to each her own! I don't want to be a part of any brigade.
lil-miss-haley lil-miss-haley 10 years
Haha it makes me laugh when I hear about people talking about "raw milk" I grew up on a farm, and all we drank was "raw milk"! We have just a couple of house cows that we get our milk from, and I find that normal, but other people find it strange! I prefer it to the processed stuff you buy.
Schaianne Schaianne 10 years
Raw milk is awesome ... and y'know, it's been around for thousands of years w/o being homogenized. =P
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
another for soy milk. i'm not on any sort of vegan brigade though. :0
ley ley 10 years
I used to drink milk when I had cereals for breakfast.. but now I dont. I dunno.. thats pretty much how they drank milk during the olden times and they ended up ok so Im not sure what the big deal is.
Zero_Cool Zero_Cool 10 years
My neighbors have milking cows, and when my siblings and I were younger, my dad would go over and get fresh milk. After a while, the cream would seperate from the milk, and then my parents would make butter out of it. And they would also use the buttermilk for cooking and stuff. I don't really remember drinking it, but my parents said that we all liked it. Plus it was free and my neighbor milked the cow when my dad said we wanted it, so it was fresh.
sgdish sgdish 10 years to have it with chocolate cake and with cereal, but not this "straight from the cow" stuff. I tried it once at a friend's house who lived on a dairy was super thick and creamy...too rich and yucky!
catita85 catita85 10 years
i´ve tried raw milk several times, and i must admit i like my low fat milk way better.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
I agree with yumsugar. Also, it has been outlawed some places that you can't drink fresh apple cider. it comes with warnings for the elderly and babies. BUT fresh apple cider is the best tasting stuff ever! I used to stop by an orchard-roadside stand on my way home from school in the fall and buy a half gallon...i would drink it before i got home haha. if some people want to have unpasturized milk, why not let them? knowing the warnings, if they are okay with it, i say go for it!
littleblondebird littleblondebird 10 years
soy milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vegan-musician vegan-musician 10 years
clarient -- it's from PETA (vegan extremists prone to inflammatory remarks and protests), so take it all with a grain of salt, but here is the link to their reasoning behind being anti-milk. i have been a vegan for 6 years, and off dairy for close to 10, and it's worked well for me. enjoy researching!
Mainly-Obsessed Mainly-Obsessed 10 years
Not cool - they started the pasturization thing for a reason. why stop it? Humans have been drinking milk from other animals for generations long before the modern era, so I think the whole "vegan brigade" is a little out there. I don't drink much milk to be honest, but I like cheese, yogurt, and ice cream (IMO, the soy versions of these don't come close to the real thing).
Phil Phil 10 years
I haven't tried it so I can't really say anything about it but I'd try it definitely. Although I have a preference for soymilk.
Thermy Thermy 10 years
As a microbiology student, the idea of drinking unpasteurised milk will all the things you can catch from it just sends a chill down my spine.
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