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RealRyder — Mountain Bike Without Leaving Home

I'm big into road biking for exercise and for getting from place to place, but I also love mountain biking because the steep hills and windy trails make riding more exciting and challenging. I realize that not everyone has access to safe places to ride, so stationary bikes are a great option. The only negative thing is that they hardly mimic what it's really like to ride a bike outside. They also only work your lower body so if you want to target your core and upper body more check out the RealRyder ($2,395). I know it seems pricey to buy for your home gym, so maybe your gym has one you can use.

What makes the RealRyder different than a conventional stationery bike? To find out


The RealRyder allows you to steer and move from side to side, just as if you were riding and turning on a road or trail. This bike offers a more realistic riding experience, and you end up improving your sense of balance, working your heart, and strengthening your core, upper arms, and back better than you would on a regular stationary bike. Plus, doesn't this bike look more fun than one that just stands straight up? If it's more fun, then you'll be motivated to hop on more often and ride longer.

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RealRyder RealRyder 8 years
We should have you do our PR! Very well written. You really get the RealRyder and its benefits. It really is an unbelievable bike. Visit our website at to see more. We are in the process of updating our website and adding more content including videos, playlists, and class routines. We will shortly have videos showing classes from dedicated RealRyder indoor cycling rooms. You won't believe how fun it is to participate in a class where everyone is turning together, not to mention it is one hell of a workout. The members and instructors love our bike because classes are so much more interesting now that they have so many more exercises that they can use during their classes(turns, sweeps, stabilizing the bike while out of the saddle(my favorite exercise) or pushing hard and letting the bike move freely and naturally underneath one like a real road bike). Physical Therapy facilities prefer our bike over others, because the natural movement allows them to rehab patients in real life applications rather than on a forced unnatural plane. Wellness facilities love that they can improve their members balance in a safe way and teach classes that are more fun. Cyclist who frowned on indoor cycling in the past are now purchasing our bikes for their home as training tools and gyms that have RealRyders are advertising cycling specific group exercise classes. I am glad that you found our product interesting enough to write about. Feel free to give us a call at 800-976-6280 or email at if you have any questions. Jeremiah Harrington
witchbaby witchbaby 8 years
that's so cool! but so expensive :(
staticnoise staticnoise 8 years
wow. i want one. now :D
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
It would be awesome if my gym got some of these for spinning classes!
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