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Reality Check: Electronic Cigarettes Are Not So Healthy

Smoking regular cigarettes is known to cause a whole slew of health problems from asthma to emphysema and lung cancer. For some reason though, people keep smoking, so someone came up with the brilliant idea to make electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes.

These battery-powered electronic cigarettes provide inhaled doses of nicotine, although no flame, tobacco, or smoke is involved. E-cigs might give the impression of being healthier than regular cigarettes, but this illusion is mostly smoke and mirrors. When the FDA tested 19 varieties from two companies, they found toxic chemicals, one being a key ingredient in antifreeze. Why am I not surprised?

E-cigarettes aren't regulated like other nicotine products, so their ingredients aren't regulated either. They also tend to be easier for minors to get a hold of. Since some e-cigarettes were designed to mimic real cigarettes — you light them and smoke puffs, these electronic smokes are considered a gateway drug to actual cigarettes. The FDA is "planning additional activities" to deal with the safety of e-cigarettes, which may result in recalling them or taking lawful action. Tell me, have any of you ever tried electronic cigarettes? Do you think they should be banned?

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