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Reality Check: Milla Jovovich's Body Is "Sort of" Back

Reality Check: Milla Jovovich's Body Is "Sort of" Back

Often times, it seems celebs are pregnant one day and the next day they're not. It's as if there is no evidence of the pregnancy, except the new baby. For everyone else, it takes time to get back to your pre-pregnancy bod — they say to give yourself at least nine months; after all, it is as long as it took for you to put on the weight.

Supermodel-turned-supermom Milla Jovovich recently revealed that she has not lost all her pregnancy weight (she's down 62 pounds from her gained 70-plus pounds a year ago). And what's more? She attributes her lost pounds to hard work with trainer Harley Pasternak, not just breastfeeding. She recently said:

I was really good when I was pregnant. I wasn't the crazy pregnant chick. I'm crazy anyway, so pregnancy really evened me out. I was like, "Whatever, I'm 200 lbs. Get me another bagel." I'm sort of back to normal. But, I like this workout, I like to train. It's part of my world. It's good for me to be disciplined, because in so many areas of my life, I'm kind of lazy. It's nice to have some pattern in my life that stays the same and I get to do some working.

I love that she is honest about her weight after the baby is born, and how hard it is to lose it (even with a superstar trainer helping you out). So if you're working to get rid of those pesky pounds that crept up on you during your pregnancy, remember that it takes time for everyone, including the rich and famous.


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