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Reality Check: Seth Rogen's Diet "Secret"

Reality Check: Seth Rogen's Diet "Secret"

Wondering how Zack and Miri Make a Porno star Seth Rogen suddenly got slim? The actor says it's "the lamest answer ever," but I think it's actually the best answer. On Friday, during an radio interview on KIIS-FM, Rogen told host Ryan Seacrest: "I exercised and I dieted." What a novel idea, right?

At a time when everyone is dying to hear celebs' slimdown secrets, it's refreshing to hear this down-to-earth actor admit that he did it the old-fashioned way. There is no miracle pill, but the closest thing we have to a surefire weight-loss strategy is exercising more and eating less. To see how Rogen's girlfriend feels about his new look,


Rogen not only looks leaner, but he also looks healthier. Though he claims he doesn't care how he looks or feels, certainly something motivated him to start eating better (perhaps an upcoming role in a movie). Apparently, that something isn't his girlfriend of four years, Lauren Miller. Rogen told Seacreast:

"She's stuck by me through thick and thin — literally," Rogen said. "She claims she doesn't like me any more now than when I was heavier, but I think that's completely not true."

Could you say the same of your significant other? Any Seth Rogen fans out there: Are you glad to see him looking healthier?


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