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Reality Check: Skinny Water Won't Make You Skinny

Reality Check: Skinny Water Won't Make You Skinny

Kristen Bell and Nicollette Sheridan are fans of Skinny Water, the beverage whose motto is "Get Skinny, Stay Fit." These beverages contain "0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 guilt," and they're made with the green tea antioxidant, EGCG, to help tame your metabolism. While green tea has been shown to speed up your body's calorie-burning process, you can't add these drinks to your diet and expect to miraculously lose weight, which is what Skinny Water implies. On their XXX-Detox drink's description, it says "Three Xs and you're . . . in the skinny club."

What you discover when reading the ingredients is that these drinks contain Splenda (sucrolose), an artificial sweetener that may be calorie-free, but is not exactly good for you. Skinny Water is basically like fruit-flavored Diet Coke — no calories, no nutrition. To get the benefits of green tea, you'd be better off drinking a freshly brewed cup.

I have a bit more to say on the matter, so to hear why Skinny Water annoys me


Even the name of this drink bothers me because I'm tired of the constant emphasis on being thin. We get that message already from magazines and TV, so we don't need it from our beverages. Skinny Water reminds me of those thinkThin bars. Both products have callous marketing ploys to make people think thinness is a must, and that we have to eat these foods to achieve it. Grr! Am I just being overly sensitive, or do these kinds of products bug you, too?


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