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Reality Check: The Truth Behind Jessica Alba's Post-Baby Body

Reality Check: The Truth Behind Jessica Alba's Post-Baby Body

In a world where some celebrities claim breastfeeding is their trick to shedding pregnancy pounds, it's refreshing when famous new moms acknowledge that achieving a pre-pregnancy body wasn't all peaches. Jessica Alba looked amazing just a couple months after giving birth to her baby this Summer and her trainer, Ramona Braganza, told the world that Jessica shed the weight by eating right and exercising for an hour, five or six days a week.

Braganza wasn't lying when she said that her client lost weight with a healthy diet and exercise, but the process wasn't easy for Jessica. In fact, in a recent interview with Elle, the actress said that giving birth was easier than the workouts she was doing to get in shape for her Campari calendar campaign. Jessica said, "The workouts were horrible. I cried. And I haven't worked out since." If childbirth couldn't compete with her exercise routine, it's no wonder she gave up on them.

To learn what else Jessica tried in the effort to get her pre-pregnancy body back,


Aside from her grueling workouts, Alba admitted that she wore a girdle around her mid-section. A friend of hers tried the girdle trick after giving birth and her six-pack was visible just eight weeks after having her baby. She recalls, "She told me to put an elastic band around my waist — any kind of band or girdle works," and added, "I didn't recover as fast as she did. I don't have a six-pack — that's just not my body at all."

With or without the tearful workouts, Jessica looks fantastic. Hearing about the lengths she went to in order to change her body immediately following childbirth highlights the immense pressure on Hollywood moms. It also goes to show that the path to achieving a pre-pregnancy body is different for everyone — the reality for some celebrities may be completely unrealistic for you and me.


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Callie325 Callie325 8 years
I don't think it's selfish of Alba to make her own choices, especially when her career depends on her looks. But I'd add a couple of reservations I have: I'm annoyed that her body and its hotness is considered public domain. I'm annoyed at how strict the standards are for thinness, especially when she is a patently beautiful woman who doesn't need a six pack to look fantastic. I've never had an hourlong workout that worked me so hard I'd prefer birthing a baby, what is she doing? Is she not checking her heart rate? Why is this a virtue? And, finally: Why are we torn between congratulating her and excoriating her? How will she, and by extension any of us, ever win if we judge her body and her choices like this?
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I'm not surprised that she worked out to lose the baby weight...did she ever STOP working out, even when she was preggers? I thought she pretty much wanted to have her kid ASAP so she could start working out again to get her body back. I've never really cared for her as an actress anyway. She seems pretty selfish and holier-than-thou to me.
Lilavati Lilavati 8 years
So she's unhappy about the way she lost weight, and people who did not loose weight that fast are unhappy too...
fauxcat fauxcat 8 years
What's the theory behind the girdle, exactly? I thought they just made you look thinner. Do they help you actually lose fat?
ckeller825 ckeller825 8 years
My mom did the same thing w/girdles. It definitely helps! Plus, she eats really healthy, so I'm sure that has to do w/it. She never exercised, though. LoL
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
My mother swears by wearing a girdle after having myself and my brother and sister and I believe her. She is just as thin as she was before the 3 of us back in the day. :) Healthy eating and exercise help of course but the girdle phenomenon is true!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Honestly, I am so sick of hearing about celebrity baby body stuff. Any new mom could do it with the help of millions of dollars, trainers, and nutritionists. It just sets unrealistic expectations.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
wait- so now she can maintain this fabulous body and not workout? hmmmm... :ponder:
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