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Reasons People Gain Weight in the Spring

Spring Weather Forecast: Weight Gain?

Warmer, sunnier weather is thankfully blowing in, and with all that celebrating of the sun brings the risk of packing on a few extra pounds. Find out how Spring weather can cause you to gain weight, so you can be proactive and prevent it from happening.

Forget the gym; I'll take a walk instead. The gorgeous weather can't help but inspire us to get outside and enjoy it, but replacing your intense gym workout with a leisurely walk around the block doesn't exactly burn the same amount of calories. To prevent weight gain and loss of the muscle tone you worked so hard to achieve, make sure your outdoor workouts are just as intense as the indoor ones you've been doing all Winter.

Ooh, the outdoor patios are finally open. When you stroll downtown and see all the restaurants opening up their outdoor patio seating, you can't help but want to grab a seat yourself and enjoy breathing in the fresh, cool air as you enjoy a delicious meal. This is fun to do every once in a while, but don't let the warmer weather inspire you to do it all the time. It's easy to get carried away when perusing a decadent menu, and difficult to guesstimate just how many calories you're consuming when someone else prepares your meal. This means you're at risk of overdoing it on the calorie front, which spells out weight gain. Enjoy patio dining occasionally, and when you do, follow these calorie-saving tips.

Read on for more reasons Spring weather can cause weight gain.

It's so warm, I could really go for a cold beverage: Forget sipping hot tea or specialty coffee drinks. Sunshiny weather is bound to make you itch for an ice-cold bevvy. Whether it's a chilly margarita, bottle of beer, or fruit smoothie, it's easy to gulp down hundreds of calories in only a few minutes. Be mindful of the liquid calories you're consuming by sipping cool drinks that are low in calories, such as water with a squeeze of lime, a crisp seltzer, or a wine spritzer.

I'm so in the mood for salad: Goodbye casseroles and soups, and hello fresh salads. It seems like this should help you drop pounds, but if you load your greens up with all your favorite high-calorie toppings, such as avocado, walnuts, dried cranberries, croutons, feta cheese, and creamy dressing, your so-called healthy salad could contain more calories than a serving of homemade lasagna. Load up on the fresh veggies, limit the calorie-dense toppings, and pour on one of these salad dressings that are under 50 calories.

It's 7:30 and it's still light out! You may be loving the extra hour of daylight, but since it seems earlier than it really is, you may end up staying up later than normal. The longer you're awake, the more inclined you are to nibble on late-night snacks. Don't let these extra calories affect the numbers on the scale. Here are five low-cal late-night snack ideas you can feel good about noshing on.

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