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Reasons to Ride a Bike

5 Reasons to Get Biking

You may have thought about riding a bicycle before but never really considered the full benefits that cycling around town could bring you. (And maybe you've thought about the reasons why you shouldn't ride.) Whatever your stance on the matter, here are five reasons to start pedaling.


Time Efficient: Don't worry about missing your bus or speed walking to work anymore; biking can be much more time efficient. In one straight shot, you can get from points A to B without wearing your flats into the ground and stressing about time constraints.

Independence: Unlike public transportation, riding a bike can give you a freeing feeling. Even if you initially plan to walk, you sometimes end up resorting to public transportation to get there faster. With a bike, you can come and go as you please and don't have to worry about being on somebody else's watch.

Calorie Burn: What's all this talk about if you have a car? While driving can be comfortable, you won't burn any calories while stepping on the gas. By pedaling your wheels, you can burn 52 calories in just five minutes of cycling at 14-16 mph. If your route takes you uphill or faster to move with traffic, that's even more. Now you can relax a little during your lunch break.

Environmentally Friendly: You don't need to drive in a Nissan Leaf to be friendlier to the environment. Since bicycling produces zero fuel emissions, you're decreasing your carbon footprint and reducing the pollution every day that you ride. Even riding on public transportation contributes to this, so decrease your daily involvement by sticking to your bike or breaking your commute up part of the way on one.

Great New Gear: The gear available to cyclists is awesome! From reflector belts to vintage-looking bicycle skirts, bike-related gear is both functional and stylish.

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